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Mcneil made online coaching

Breton McNeil - WNBF Pro

Science based training and nutrition principles used when designing programs that are individually tailored towards helping you reach your goals.



Breton Mcneil

My name is Breton McNeil, I am a WNBF Pro natural physique competitor, a personal trainer, as well as
an online nutrition coach.


Being a Type 1 Diabetic, I have always had a passion for healthy living and fitness. I have worked for years on improving my health through formal and informal training and education.


I obtained my Canfit Pro personal training certification, trained in nutrition, strength and conditioning, and am currently working towards my CSEP certification and Kinesiology degree.


Coaching Package

How it works:

All plans are designed using scientific and evidence-based principals to help maximize results

Upon purchasing your program you will receive an e-mail containing a questionnaire and service guideline to complete. Once completed and returned, I will design your personalized program specifically tailored towards meeting your goals. All programs are designed to fit around your lifestyle, schedule and experience level. Each week will include a check in where you, the client, will provide an update through a check-in form via e-mail.


Payment Options

All coaching plans provide flexible monthly payment options

26 Week Plan


16 Week Plan


Pay As You Go


Total Coaching package includes:

  1. Introduction video to help you get started

  2. Weekly progression based training protocol

  3. Fully tailored macronutrient plan with food recommendations

  4. Supplement recommendations

  5. Cardio guidelines

  6. Nutritional support and advice

  7. Detailed weekly checkins with adjustments and updates

  8. Your choice of video or email for weekly checkins

  9. Full 24/7 communications to answer your questions

  10. Additional Skype calls also optional


Services Specialized towards

image1 (10).jpeg
  • Contest prep

  • Weight loss and weight management 

  • Building lean muscle

  • Total body re-composition

  • Increasing strength and endurance

  • Metabolic rebuilding

  • General lifestyle improvements

Breton Mcneil


Nova Scotia, Canada

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